Think photographing your favorite birds requires a super telephoto lens?

Think again.

The best Wild bird feeder designed for bird photography using iPhone and GoPro cameras

Meet the Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder.

Bird Photo Booth is the world’s first wild bird feeder, and photo booth combo. It’s designed for your iPhone, iPod touch, and GoPro cameras.

Place your device into Bird Photo Booth’s high quality, hand-crafted all-weather enclosure. Then step away and watch a live feed of your backyard birds stream from your iPhone to your iPad, or any other Wi-Fi or bluetooth enabled device and snap away!

The first wireless bird feeder and birdcam video. As seen on Kickstarter.

Bird Photo Booth bird feeder and bird cam reviews

wild bird feeder

Bird Photo Booth bird feeders, are inspired by the original Polaroid Land camera of 1948. You’ll instantly feel the old world charm and quality.

Each and every one, is meticulously made by hand. Only the highest quality sustainably harvested White Oak hardwood, aluminum, and stainless steel hardware are used to create the Bird Photo Booth bird feeders.

wild bird feeder

By combining a bird feeder with a birdcam, the Bird Photo Booth allows you to take close-up and personal pictures of bird expressions without ugly bird feeders in the shot. The innovative design of Bird Photo Booth insures for a unique in-your-face macro view, that you can’t achieve with conventional gear, since birds are facing the lens as they eat.

In addition, Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder offers exciting features not found with traditional DSLR photography. The ability to talk to birds from your couch, and instantly edit and share your bird photographs with your friends and family.

See how Bird Photo Booth bird feeder picture quality compares to professional DSLR cameras.


Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder is weather-proof and image stabilized.  It’s compact design and durable construction, makes it the perfect companion for any creative photography adventure. Bluetooth functionality allows you to photograph wild birds, or any wildlife in remote locations, without the need for an internet connection.

Attracting a variety of birds with Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeders is easy.

It’s the first wild bird feeder, which allows you to hang any other bird feeder on in seconds. Attract more birds, which like to use the included stainless steel perch as a hang out spot.

Bird Photo Booth can be set up  for attracting different types of birds. Simply hang different bird feeders or small hummingbird feeders onto Bird Photo Booth’s provided overhead stainless steel perch.

After placing Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder wherever you can find birds, you will notice birds waiting in line for a photo session.

Visit our FAQ: Learn more about Bird Photo Booth bird feeders and bird feeding tips.

Bird Photo Booth birdcam and wild bird feeder, works with all (iPhone 3, 4, 5 ), iPod touch (4th, 5th generations), and all GoPro cameras.

Including Hero 3 editions. Android compatibility coming soon. Bird Photo Booth by design allows for future device support, via interchangeable soft foam inserts.


Setup is super easy. No cables or wires needed. Just place your iPhone or GoPro camera in  Bird Photo Booth bird feeders. Then launch a GoPro or iOS application. Now you can start watching the view remotely from any other internet connected device.

GoPro wild bird feeder for  backyard birdsiPhone wild bird feeder photography

Simply place your iPhone, iPod touch, or GoPro camera into Bird Photo Booth weather proof bird feeders . Launch a free GoPro or iOS application. Then the fun begins when you can remotely watch birds feeding, as they are streamed live to your computer or iPad.  Connect using either a Bluetooth or Wi-fi connection. Even talk to birds using Apple’s FaceTime application.                                                    Go to the How it Works page to learn more.


What Bird Photo Booth users are saying.

I’ve found Bird Photo Booth to be a perfect addition to my birding pursuits.  It’s fun and simple to use. Leave some bird feed out for a while, and then switch to feeding using the booth’s bowl. Just put your GoPro, iPod or iPhone in, connect via wi-fi to your computer and viola! Watch birds arrive while you take their pictures. The Bird Photo Booth’s specialty lens and polarizing filter work magic. Highly recommended.”       — Gregory Scheckler, award-winning artist, author and art professor.

“Bird Photo Booth is a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I love my Bird Photo Booth! The photos reveal an amazing amount of detail that you would be hard pressed to achieve without a far more elaborate and expensive set up. There’s something about the ability to capture a bird “looking” right at the camera that imparts a sense of personality to many of the birds, and the detail in feather patterns is nothing short of mesmerizing. I am thoroughly addicted to my Bird Photo Booth!”     –Tom Spine

With the Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder and bird cam, you become the photographer. Remotely watching, photographing, and even talking to birds posing in real time on your mobile devices. It becomes a real life interactive video game!

bird feeder images taken with the Bird Photo Booth.

Bird Photo Booth bird feeders come with interchangeable professional grade macro and polarizing lenses, designed for capturing the ultimate close-up portraits of backyard birds.  Stunning close up bird photos are merely a tap away. You the photographer decide the perfect moment to take macro photos, and videos of birds posing inches away from the lens. Capture candid bird portraits of unprecedented detail.   View bird photos and videos.

Bird feeder and birdcam close up of a Mockingbird. Photographed using the Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder.
Bird feeder bird cam macro close up of a Black-Headed Grosbeak. Photographed using the Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder.
Bird feeder bird cam macro close up photo of a Western Scrubjay . Photographed with iPhone 3gs camera.
Bird feeder bird cam macro close up of a Black-Chinned Hummingbird. Photographed using the Bird Photo Booth wild bird feeder and iPhone 4s camera.